Monday, June 25, 2007

I have entered a Request For Enhancement in TestTrack Pro, why isn't it available on the enhancememts voting site?

All Requests For Enhancement entered into TestTrack Pro will be considered for inclusion on the enhancements voting site. Requests will generally be accepted for inclusion if they meet the following two criteria.

  • The Summary and Description fields should not contain any confidential information—that is, any information that you would not want other NetDimensions customers or partners to see. Please be aware that we need to be cautious here, so where there is any doubt we will tend to assume that information about specific users, organizations, courses etc. may be confidential unless this is clearly not the case. Note that such information can be added as comments to the TestTrack Pro issue, since these will not appear on the voting site. Also bear in mind that use of your organization-specific terminology or other organization-specific information might reduce the clarity of the suggested enhancement for other voters—see below.
  • Many screens in the voting site display only the issue summary, not the full description. Therefore, it needs to be reasonably clear from the summary alone what the proposed enhancement is, including both the specific change and the context. For example, if you wanted to suggest adding the ability to clone user roles, neither "Clone function" nor "Enhancement for User Roles" would be a sufficiently descriptive summary field. (The former does not indicate what the clone function would actually clone, while the latter only indicates that the enhancement would affect user roles, without specifying what it would actually do.) On the other hand, "Add a function for administrators to clone user roles" would be a perfectly acceptable summary.

Of course you are still welcome to submit enhancement requests that do not meet these criteria—it's just that they probably won't appear on the voting site.

Note that we will generally not edit issues that don't meet these criteria—we don't want to put words into your mouth! However, if you have entered a TestTrack Pro issue that currently does not appear on the voting site, you are welcome to edit the issue yourself and we will happily reconsider it.

Finally, please note that issues that are accepted for the voting site won't necessarily appear right away. The voting site is a work in progress and we're still refining the process by which the site will be synchronized with TestTrack Pro. In the long run our aim is that it should take no more than a week or so for new enhancement requests to appear on the voting site, but in the initial stages it might be several weeks before your enhancement requests appear. We appreciate your patience!

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