Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Custom login pages

Most EKP sites will use a custom login page rather than the standard page that ships with EKP. This is done by creating a file named login.wm and placing it in the WEB-INF/conf/ directory. The contents of this page are essentially HTML, with some placeholders for dynamic content that use the Velocity Template Language (VTL).

The standard login page, which can be used as a guide, can be extracted from the file WEB-INF/lib/ekp.jar using a zip utility such as WinZip or WinRAR. The location of the page within the ekp.jar file is com/netdimen/tx/auth/login/login.wm for EKP 4.7 and above, or com/netdimen/tx/login/login.wm for EKP 4.6.

One important point that is easy to overlook is that the page should contain the code shown below immediately after the opening <form> tag of the login form.

  #if ($target != "")
  <input type="hidden" name="target" value="$target" />

This code will ensure that, if a user who is not logged in attempts to access a page that requires authentication (which would happen if the user's session had timed out, for example), EKP will "remember" which page the user was trying to access and forward the user to that page after prompting her to log in. If users are always forwarded to the default start page after logging in, even if they were prompted to log in while trying to access another page, it is most likely because the above code is missing from the login page template.

(Note that the default static index.html page simply redirects the user to the dynamic login page described above. We recommend leaving the index.html page as-is and simply creating a login.wm page as described above, to avoid duplicating the custom login page HTML code.)

If your EKP site is hosted by NetDimensions, these steps will normally be performed for you by our staff.


mic5005 said...

Hi Rob, I need asssitance on an implementation.

I'm trying to redirect the outcome of the login page so that on succesful login, the page is directed to a custom page for a third party authentication before it's now directed to the ekp home page. How can I execute this?

Robert Lowe said...

Hi Yemi, there's no supported way to do exactly what you're describing. The closest approach would be to use delegated authentication to protect the third-party site. The difference is that it's not preemptive—that is, the user will be signed into the third-party site the first time they try to access that site, rather than immediately on logging into Talent Suite.