Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Publishing a new course revision to learners who have already completed an earlier revision

EKP 5.5 introduced the ability to create new revisions of existing courses. This simplified the process of updating an existing course, and made it possible to keep track of which version of a course a learner was taking or had completed.

When you created a new revision of a course, EKP would automatically make the new revision available to learners who were enrolled in, but had not yet started, an earlier revision. EKP also provided the option to make the new revision available to learners who had already started, but had not yet completed, an earlier revision.

Since we released support for course revisions, several of you have told us that you also needed to be able to make new revisions automatically available to users who had already taken and completed an earlier revision of the course, so that those learners would see the latest content if they reviewed the completed course. So, as of EKP, there is a third option when creating a new course revision, which publishes the new revision to all learners, including those who have already completed an earlier revision.

Confirm New Course Revision

We hope this makes course revisions in EKP even more useful.

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Skijackz said...

Thanks Rob. We ran into this problem last week in our review cycle for a new online course.