Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How can I use PENS to enable one-click publishing from an authoring tool or LCMS to EKP?

Starting from version 4.5, EKP supports the Package Exchange Notification Services (PENS). PENS enables one-click publishing of courses from a PENS-conformant authoring tool or LCMS to EKP.

To configure the authoring tool or LCMS to publish courses to EKP using PENS, you will need three pieces of information: a URL, a user name, and a password.

The URL is simply the base URL for the site, followed by pens. A typical URL is shown below; if you have changed the default protocol or path for your site, you'll need to modify this URL as appropriate.


(N.B. If you encounter problems, check that you can access the PENS URL directly in a browser. You should get a response similar to the one below. If you see a 404 Not Found message or similar, there might be a configuration problem with your web server; see I get a 404 Not Found page when accessing EKP's PENS URL, what should I do? for an explanation of how to resolve it.)

error-text=collect command received and understood

The user name and password should correspond to an EKP user in a role that allows them to import courses.

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