Sunday, February 18, 2007

How do I enable HACP tracing?

When investigating issues related to courseware tracking, NetDimensions support staff might sometimes ask you to enable HACP tracing. Enabling HACP tracing causes detailed course tracking information to be written to the server log file. (HACP is the HTTP AICC CMI Protocol, which is what most AICC-conformant courses use to communicate with EKP.)

  • To enable HACP tracing temporarily (until next system restart), go to Manage > System Administration Manager > System Support Functions > Debug/Tracing Options. Ensure ON is selected in the drop-down list labeled HACP Tracing, then click Save.
  • To enable HACP tracing permanently, ensure the value of the system.aicctrace property is set to true in the configuration file (which is located in the WEB-INF/conf/ directory). That is, the file should contain the line below.
    This change to the file will take effect the next time EKP is reloaded.

It will often be desirable to make both of the changes described above.

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