Thursday, February 8, 2007

What are learning program sessions for?

A learning program is a co-ordinated sequence of modules designed to meet a particular learning objective or objectives. Programs can be "blended" in that they can combine both synchronous and asynchronous modules, and both online and offline modules.

Typically, you would create multiple sessions for a particular program if you have essentially the same sequence of modules taking place at different times, or in different geographical locations. For example, you might have a Spring 2007 session and a Fall 2007 session for a particular program. Usually an individual learner would be enrolled in at most one session of a particular program.

Note that this applies mainly to programs that include at least one instructor-led module. There's typically no reason to have more than one session for a program that contains only "asynchronous" online modules.

If you need to have multiple sequences of modules with different learning objectives, it's generally more appropriate to create multiple programs, rather than having multiple sessions of a single program.

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