Monday, April 23, 2007

Automatic enrollments and prerequisites

EKP makes it possible to define auto-enroll rules for module and program sessions. These ensure that specified groups of learners will automatically be enrolled in the session the first time they log into EKP, even if those learners don't yet have accounts in the system.

In EKP 4.6 and earlier, auto-enroll rules would always override any prerequisites that had been defined for the module. In EKP 4.7, this behavior is configurable using the Ignore prerequisites for automatic enrollments property under Manage > System Administration Manager > System Configuration > System Configuration.

If this property is disabled, auto-enroll rules won't take effect until all prerequisites for the module are satisfied. This makes it possible to establish paths of learning. For example, an administrator could create an Advanced Project Management program or module, with an Introduction to Project Management program or module as a prerequisite, and define auto-enroll rules for the appropriate learner groups. Once a learner in one of the appropriate groups has completed the introductory program or module, she will automatically be enrolled in the advanced program or module the next time she logs into the system.

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