Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Quick Start buttons in Knowledge Centers

EKP's Knowledge Centers provide convenient access to all resources associated with a learning activity. Knowledge Centers are available for both modules and programs.

A Knowledge Center for a module can contain a single Quick Start buttons that is used to launch any associated course. A Knowledge Center for a program can contain Quick Start buttons for each of its constituent modules.

As with most other Knowledge Center items, a system-wide configuration options enables administrators to control whether these Quick Start buttons appear. In EKP 4.6 and earlier, Quick Start buttons could be enabled for both module and program Knowledge Centers, or disabled for both module and program Knowledge Centers.

In EKP 4.7, there is a third option—it is now possible to enable Quick Start buttons for module Knowledge Centers, but disable them for program Knowledge Centers. This can be used to simplify program Knowledge Centers, while enforcing the use of module Knowledge Centers as a single point-of-access for launching courses. (Note that the Knowledge Centers for the individual modules in a program will be accessible from the program's Knowledge Center.)

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