Sunday, April 29, 2007

Multiple GlobalEnglish accounts on a single EKP site

About three years ago, we added to EKP the ability to integrate with GlobalEnglish, which provides online English language instruction to global companies. An administrator can create a module in EKP that acts as a gateway to the GlobalEnglish portal, and can then control access to GlobalEnglish in using EKP's standard enrollment mechanisms.

Prior to EKP 5, the GlobalEnglish account details were specified as part of the system configuration. Consequently, only a single GlobalEnglish account could be used with each EKP instance.

However, in large global companies, separate departments sometimes have distinct GlobalEnglish accounts. In EKP 5, we've made it possible to specify GlobalEnglish account details as part of the module configuration, making it possible to use multiple accounts with a single EKP installation.

Here's how to create a module for GlobalEnglish access in EKP 5.

  • Go to Manage > Catalog Manager > Module Editor.
  • Click the Create Learning Object button in the top frame.
  • Enter a Learning ID for the module, and ensure Online is selected as the Learning Type, then click Create.
  • On the Define Module Properties page, enter a Title and Description for the module.
  • Go the the Define Launch Properties page.
  • In the Launch Interface drop-down list, choose GlobalEnglish.
  • In the Keycode field, enter the account keycode as provided by your GlobalEnglish representative.
  • Click the Save button in the top frame.

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