Monday, April 30, 2007

The Other Resources tab

In addition to the News, Enrolled Learning Modules, Pending Enrollments and Records/Transcript tabs, EKP 4.6 provides an option to include a tab labeled Other Resources on learners' Home Pages.

However, until now this tab was pretty much reserved for Books24x7.

As of EKP 4.6 build 102, it's possible to target any enrollable learning module (but not programs) to the Other Resources tab instead of the Enrolled Learning Modules tab. This is done on the Define Module Properties page of the Catalog Editor—simply check the check box labeled Show on Other Resources tab instead of Enrolled Learning Modules tab (tabbed interface only), then click the Save button in the top frame.

This would typically be appropriate for modules that function as reference resources, rather than as activities or tasks that the learner would be expected to complete.

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