Sunday, April 15, 2007

Batch importer for SCORM courses

EKP has long featured a batch importer for AICC-conformant courseware. Starting with EKP 4.7, the importer also supports SCORM-conformant courseware.

To use the batch importer, you'll need to create a new zip file that contains the individual SCORM content packages. (IMS content packages will work too.) Since these content packages are themselves zip files, you'll have a zip file that contains multiple individual zip files as entries. Then, go to Manage > Catalog Manager > Import Content Package, select the zip file you created, and click the Next > button.

EKP will display a summary of the courses that will be imported, and will walk you through the various import options. Just follow the on-screen instructions. (The process is pretty much identical to the AICC batch import process.) And, if you make a mistake, there's also a batch delete function that you can use to undo your changes.

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